About Us

Worldwide Insight was founded by professionals with 20+ years each of experience working inside Fortune 50 companies and in government. They understand both sides of this equation and have years of experience developing cost-effective strategic plans for government programs in markets all around the world. They are principled professionals who know how to access governments and build “win-win” programs with the highest ethical standards.

A robust strategic plan for engagement with governments can save costs, open new markets and create new sales opportunities. It can also empower executives with productive roles in the otherwise complex “government world.”

With strong planning and implementation, our firm partners with clients to:

  • Understand and access governments in new markets.
  • Effectively engage senior executives with government customers and policymakers, creating meaningful relationships.
  • Position company experts to influence critical government decisions.
  • Increase awareness of, and engagement on, issues “in play.” Avert crises before a brand is irreparably damaged.